Affinity Care can operate a care home on behalf of its proprietor(s) in order to relieve the owner of their business' day-to-day issues.

With the help of the proprietor's current workforce, Affinity Care make sure that appropriate care is given to all Service Users, and take time to ensure that they and their relatives are satisfied with the standard and level of care provided. Affinity Care will also monitor all staff and ensure that they are appropriately trained and possess the qualifications necessary to deliver Quality Care that exceeds NMCS, while implementing an activities programme, appropriately funded, publicised and delivered.


  • Submit monthly Regulation 26 reports to the Care Quality Commission on behalf of the owner.
  • Review the Statement of Purpose and Service User Guide on behalf of the owner.
  • Review the standard policies and procedures and agree on any changes with the owner.
  • Detailed monitoring of standards of care and care plans.
  • Maintaining the contractual terms with the Local Authority.
  • Produce a monthly report summarising occupancy levels, admissions, discharges, enquiries and any developments or important issues.
  • Regular visits to the home and confirmed availability by telephone at all reasonable times.
  • Attend all announced inspection visits wherever possible and complete all necessary registration forms.
  • Discuss inspections report with the owner and respond to any requirements or recommendations by producing an action plan to ensure that agreed actions are carried out within given timeframe.
  • Recruit and mentor a matron/manager to ensure the successful operation of the home.
  • Administrative duties at the home will include the careful recording of all hours worked by staff and their rates of pay.
  • Produce accurate information to process the payroll.
  • Review and detail all legislative requirements and ensure that any shortfalls are brought to the owner's attention with recommendations and estimated costs for agreement to proceed with corrective action.

If you have any further questions or would like to discuss your requirements, please contact us immediately. Please note: we can only work with one operator in each region to avoid a conflict of interest.

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