This service is available as part of the Management Service or on a consultancy ad-hoc basis.

In liaison with the proprietor and manager, Affinity Care can prepare a care home's annual budget and define its financial standing orders. Utilising our care home experience, and again in conjunction and agreement with the owner and manager, we can develop and implement a standard financial operating system for the home to work with.


  • Implement a system for invoicing of resident fee and chasing debtors.
  • Implement a system for the staff payroll, adhering to current agreements.
  • Monitor the handling and proper recording of resident's pocket monies.
  • Ensure that an appropriate accounting service is operated for the home.
  • Produce a schedule of payments for the home owner's approval.
  • Operate and reconcile monthly a bank account for the home.

If you have any further questions or would like to discuss your requirements please contact us immediately. Please note: we can only work with one operator in each region to avoid a conflict of interest.

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